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Hard Metal Materials
Crusher and Mining Equipment

Advanced Materials

Defence Products

Green Energy

  • Hard Metal Materials
    Crusher and Mining Equipment
    ArmaGrey, is a leading brand, that is especially focused on engineering solutions for all kinds of industrial wearing and material processing problems.

    We are able to supply turnkey projects, as well as parts and consumables especially for applications such as mining, drilling, crushing, metal processing and wearing…

    Within those solutions we can specifically redesign complicated carbide materials in order to fulfil our customers needs for better and longer quality.
    Please visit our dedicated website for ArmaGrey
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  • Advanced Materials
    Armatas main core of technology is on research, processing and development of end products based on inorganic materials such as some borides, carbides and oxides, including Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide , Titanium Diboride, Alumina and Tungsten Carbide,

    Over the years our team is especially experienced in manufacturing different advanced materials such as Synthetic Zeolites, Active Carbons, Advanced Ceramics, Optical Fibers, Flame Retardents, Advanced Composites, Nano Fibers and much more…
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    Green Energy
    Armatas Green Energy Solutions is focused on next generation solar energy solutions with less environmental impact on the nature.

    Within this concept we are providing complete turnkey engineering solutions for Photovoltaic Solar plants, products such as independent running pumping stations desalination units all running on solar energy.

    Since a time now a separate team is continuously running research programs for developing adsorbtion heat pump solutions in which we hope to serve the market in very near future…

  • Defence Products
    ArmaRhino, is the brandname of our defence products group, where we develop and manufacture the cutting edge technology products concentrated on next generation modern soldier concepts.

    When it comes to protection of human, ArmaRhino can provide a complete set or solutions including ballistic protection vests, body armours, ballistic helmets, armoured vehicles and special designed protection buildings.

    Please visit our ArmaRhino website for more details…
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    Consultancy Services
    With its wide experience in many various industries, Armatas is able to serve especially foreign companies that are planning to invest or widen their sales network in Middle East Region, but especially in Turkey.

    Within this concept Armatas can provide full feasibility studies for investments, preparation of a marketing plan, find the correct agents and locations, establish first contacts within the market and help with legal issues, taxation policies for the company.